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StayblCam - Get Shake and Jitter Free Video on Smart Phones, GoPro, and more!

By Brian 1555 days ago

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The StayblCam is a truly unique video stabilizer for iPhone, GoPro, and other cameras. Make your videos look professional with ease!

Anyone who has ever tried to record video with a smart phone or small digital cameras knows it is nearly impossible to avoid shaking or jittering in the picture - no matter how steady we try holding our hands. This becomes obvious too when watching other people's videos we see on TV, Youtube, or social media. They are shaky, shaky, shaky...

The StayblCam solves these issues once and for all..

Unlike traditional stabilizers, the StayblCam does NOT require you to understand counterweight balancing, adjustments of nuts and bolts, or other cumbersome setups that just get in the way. Just whip out the StayblCam, put your phone or camera on it - and shoot.

Best of all? It was designed specifically to work great with cameras like the GoPro Hero, Contour (and other action cameras) - as well as with your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, or any other smart phone on the market!

- Easy to use with one hand
- Full control of tilt, pan, and angles
- Collapsible and compact for easy storage
- No adjustments of nuts, bolts, or counterbalancing

Learn more at http://www.stayblcam.com
Also see a StayblCam review here done by Danny Winget (@superscientific):