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Apple icar model by steve jobs

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By Brian 1662 days ago

Categories: Rumor

Steve Jobs wanted to create a revolutionary product - the Apple iCar , and according to Mickey Drexler the Apple iCar would probably take 50 percent of the market, no car has ever reached this level , but if you think of it, before the iPod no-one music product had taken so much of the market , until the iPod came along.
Naturally, the revelation has piqued our interest and got us thinking what an Apple iCar would look like. It would obviously have to be all-aluminium, though a Unibody approach might not be the best strategy. If you were to crash the thing and bend small piece such as the bumper, a Unibody construction would mean you'd have to replace the entire body.
The car's interior would be minimalist, but bewildering. It'd probably have to be controlled via some weird gesture-based touch mechanism instead of a steering wheel. You wouldn't be able to see out of the windscreen, either. It'd be too glossy and reflective for a start, but on the flip side, the entire thing would probably work as sort of augmented reality display.
Siri would probably play a crucial role. The infuriating voice recognition system would sometimes be useful in helping reduce the number of incidents of using a handheld mobile phone while driving, but would surely cause an exponential increase in the number of incidents of road rage.