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Macintosh Portable (1989)

By Brian 2086 days ago Comments (1)

They weren't quite "notebook" computers yet, but laptops were replacing "luggables" in the portable computer category during the late 1980's. This program looks at the state of the art in portables including the Atari Portfolio, the GridPad, the Poqet PC, the Dynabook 286, the NEC Color Portable, Toshiba's T3200SX, IBM's P70 386, and the new Mac Portable. Average price for one of these laptops was about $5,000. Guests include Traveling Software CEO Mark Eppley.



  • Brian 2086 days ago

    Very interesting to hear a more in debth review of the Macintosh Portable, impartial it seemed. Apparently the battery was a break through back then, with 10-12 hours. And of course that is also a lot even today. Was this the computer being used in the movie 'Space odyssey 2010 - the year we make contact' ?