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Hypercard TV commercial - Report (1987)

TV commercial - organize everything


  • Brian 2065 days ago

    How precurious, that they are actually displaying that pink Apple logo almost identical to how it would be transformed in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

    And I think we have a concept here for future MAStv podcasts !

    How did the HyperCard disappear from the Mac desktop? 

  • applefreak 2064 days ago

    How did the HyperCard disappear ?

    The return of steve Jobs in 1977 ....



    Xcode, Applescript, Automator, html, javascript... a kind of sustitute for hypercard

    HyperCard is an echo of a different world.

  • Brian 2064 days ago

    The return of Steve Jobs in 1997, yes.

    Steve Jobs is confronted with the removal of OpenDoc here

    Wikipedia: OpenDoc

    OpenDoc was initially created by Apple Computer in 1992 after Microsoft approached Apple asking for input on a proposed OLE II project. Apple had been experimenting with software components internally for some time, based on the initial work done on its Publish and Subscribe linking model and the AppleScriptscripting language, which in turn was based on the HyperCard programming environment. Apple reviewed the Microsoft prototype and document and returned a list of problems they saw with the design. Microsoft and Apple, who were highly competitive at the time, were unable to agree on common goals and did not work together.

  • applefreak 2064 days ago


    Jobs supposedly claimed that he intended his personal computer to be a “bicycle for the mind.” But what he really sold us was a (fairly comfortable) train for the mind. A train which goes only where rails have been laid down, like any train, and can travel elsewhere only after rivers of sweat pour forth from armies of laborers. 


    All of the comments pointing out that HyperCard was already obsolete when Steve Jobs killed it are missing the point.Jobs deliberately killed its community by refusing to maintain the product or even release the source. He could have released the source to the welcoming hands of tens of thousands of enthusiasts.  All of the modern HyperCard clones (all of them substantially more complex and therefore inferior to the original) do not add up to a HyperCard community.   It is an elementary “tower of Babel” situation.  “Critical mass” in user communities is a well-known phenomenon.  I am sure that it was not unknown to Jobs.  What he truly succeeded in killing was not so much the basic concept of HyperCard but the community.

  • applefreak 2064 days ago

    I made a lot of tutorials for other sofware with hypercard,

    but finaly used HTML, easier to read by everyone, open a browser and you had access even to other data on the net, without leaving the app

    But hypercard was much easier to use, ... a child could use it ...

  • Brian 2064 days ago

    Yes he admits to not being perfect and making mistakes in the video, and sometimes not having the faintest idea what he's talking about.

    I would love to know why he removed HyperCard. I probably shut down the community because he did not want to spend their time on something he decided was not gonna be part of the future. Of course people were upset. Angry. The guy in the audicence who asks these questions to Steve probably spent his last 7 years working on that HyperCard environment. 

    I wonder what his reasons were ...

  • Brian 2064 days ago

    oh yes, interesting point about HTML. Perhaps the real thing here is HTML. We need a HyperCard GUI using HTML as the language.

    I remember vaguely playing around with HyperCard on my old PowerBook 160. But I didn't really understand what I could use it for in terms of making documents. But every now and then there would be a document you would open up in HyperCard. I remember that. Computers were all new to me back then. I didn't have the faintest idea what I was doing :)

  • C.J. Herr 2064 days ago

    I remember puttering with Hypercard back in "the day" on my Atari ST/Spectre GCR combo. It was one of the pieces of software I was most excited to get my hands on. Well done, and ahead of it's tgime.

  • Brian 2064 days ago

    I've been wondering if we should have a non-Apple-retro-hardware space in the stationary and mobile categories. Do you have photos of your old Atari?