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  • iTunes Smart Play List - Least 25 played songs

    This is an easy tutorial for a really cool iTunes Smart Playlist that keeps playing fresh tunes from your music library that you have not heard in a long time.

    Tags: iTunes, Smart Playlist, Tutorial

    1874 days ago

  • iTunes Smart Playlist Tutorials

    Share your iTunes Smart Playlist ideers with the Apple Community. To take screenshots of windows or dialogues hold down CMD + SHIFT + 4 + SPACE and click on the window or dialogue you want a screenshot of.

    Tags: iTunes, Smart Play List, Tutorial

    1874 days ago

  • Watch a Woman from the 1990s Explain What a PC Is

    http://gizmodo.com/5995358/watch-a-woman-from-the-1990s-explain-what-a-computer-is  Casey Chan   One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about comp...

    Tags: Anti-PC, 1990s, PC, Tutorial, Humor

    2062 days ago

  • Getting started with Team Fortress 2

    Hello everyone. This is a wikipage for Team Fortress 2. My name is Valdemar and im the master of TF2. Me and Brian and hopefully some other Team Fortress players will on this wikipage help eachother with Tf2 :) I will post different guides, images and videos about Team Fortress.  First off ...

    Tags: TF2, Mac gaming, FAQ, tutorial

    2094 days ago