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  • Architects out of touch with their customers excitement - Steve and Norman perfectly in tune

    Designed in collaboration with Steve Jobs by Norman Foster, the new Infinite Loop has Apple fans excited… but not architects. Informally polling a group of 6,000 architects around the world gathered for a South African conference, Fortune’s Philip Elmer DeWitt discov...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Mothership, Campus, Architects, Steve Jobs, Norman Foster, Excited

    1623 days ago

  • Norman Foster on Apple's Campus Mothership design

    Foster+Partners has designed megaprojects around the globe, from airports to skyscrapers. How are super-size buildings, such as Apple's future headquarters, shaped for the people who will use them? By Cathleen McGuigan  

    Tags: Architect, Apple, Campus, Spaceship, Mothership, Design, Steve jobs, Norman Foster

    1778 days ago

  • Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus Approved by Cupertino Planning Commission, Headed to City Council for Final Vote

    Thursday October 3, 2013 6:17 am PDT by Richard Padilla The Planning Commission of Apple's hometown of Cupertino, California approved Apple’s plans for the company's new "Spaceship" campus Wednesday night, a day after the company made a presentation to the community at a public discussion,...

    Tags: Apple Campus, Mothership

    1931 days ago

  • Structures getting demolished as Apple Campus 2 guts the remains of HP

    Apple is clearing an landing path for its new "spaceship" Campus 2 in Cupertino, Calif. The first work has begun, involving a salvage and destroy operation targeting sprawling structures on the former Hewlett Packard Pruneridge Campus.

    Tags: Apple Campus, Mothership

    1980 days ago

  • Apple's Cook: We'll move into new 'spaceship' campus site by 2016

    Responding to questions at the company's annual shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple employees will likely be moving in to the company's new "spaceship" campus building in 2016.

    Tags: Tim Cook, Apple, campus, mothership

    2148 days ago

  • Apple Unveils 'Mothership' Campus That Braces for Disaster

    It's been dubbed the "mothership," the "donut" and the "retrograde cocoon," but whether you love it or hate it, Apple's newest creation is creating a buzz. (How typical.)The latest plans for Apple's future, a ring-shaped corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif., reveal that the 300,00...

    Tags: Apple campus, mothership, ready for disaster

    2186 days ago

  • Three Reasons Why Apple's New Campus Is Ready For Anything

     1) It has a secret passage — To be sure, it’s not much of a secret if everyone knows about it; but the underground passage leading from the main building to a spectacular new underground auditorium will allow Apple’s leaders to stroll onto the main stage without ...

    Tags: Apple campus, mothership, secret passages, quake proof, food supply

    2186 days ago

  • Appleā€™s Spaceship campus will only be ready in 2016

    Apple’s plans for its new 260 000 square metre campus in Cupertino have hit some snags courtesy of an environmental impact report, according to AppleInsider. Initial plans to start construction in 2012, look more than likely to change to 2014, meaning that the project will likely ...

    Tags: Apple campus, mothership, ready in 2016, opening, 2016

    2186 days ago