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  • iPhone 6

    Picked up the 128GB iPhone 6 yesterday. I choose the 6 over the 6+ as I use it as a phone and not an iPad. The 6+ is just too big for normal phone use and the 6 is perfect. There were no 128GBs 6+ iPhone in any Apple Stores in  California but I did find the 6 in Northridge and they only had 1.

    1504 days ago

  • Finlands Prime Minister Blames Steve Jobs for saving the trees from humans and humans from dumb-phones

    ...dent of (Swedish bank) Nordea, described it quite well when he said the iPhone knocked out Nokia and the iPa...esson to all of the Apple Community, next time you turn on that iPad or iPhone, remember you are supporting...

    1496 days ago

  • PowerPC Web Browsers For Your Mac (By Tanner)

    ...Classilla load mobile websites, since the hardware in many old Mac's is similar in power to that of phones and low-end smartphones (sorry but your iPhone out-powers your once great Po...

    2075 days ago

  • How do I get the App Store?

    ...Store". What is it? And how do I get the App Store?!! For the casual iPhone browsing john doe, there are...s the App Store? How do you get it? If you are reading this on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, then the answe...

    2088 days ago