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  • Smarter Smart Cover Patent - iPad 2014 2

    Tags: iPad, Smarter, Smart Cover, Patent, 2014

    1591 days ago

  • Smarter Smart Cover Patent - iPad

    2014 Smarter Smart Cover Patent for iPad. Read more: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/06/12/apples-smarter-smart-cover-users-with-illuminated-notifications

    Tags: iPad, Patent, Smarter, Smart Cover, 2014

    1591 days ago

  • iRig - iOS audio & midi interface

    The IK Multimedia iRig PRO is the all-in-one audio and MIDI interface for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac. It is a compact and portable device that allows you to connect your microphones, instruments, keyboards and your MIDI controller to play, practice, and record on the go. ...

    Tags: iRig Pro, IK Multimedia, Audio, Midi, Interface, iOS, iPad, iPhone

    1599 days ago

  • Exclusive: Apple vs. Samsung docs reveal Galaxy Tab was a flop and Samsung knew it

    However, as noted by Apple's chief executive Tim Cook, there is no evidence among web usage stats or app sales that support the idea that vast numbers of unbranded tablets are eclipsing the iPad globally. Instead, iPad shows up in web logs as making up an astounding 84 percent of ...

    Tags: Samsung, Docs, Galaxy Tab, IDC, Gartner, Strategy Analytics, Anti-Apple, Propaganda, Tim Cook, iOS, iPad, Market Share

    1653 days ago

  • Shares of unit sales - US commercial channel

    Tags: Statistics, Market Share, ChromeBook, Android, iPad, Windows, Tablets, Apple Notebooks

    1756 days ago

  • Piper: More than half of teens own an iPhone, iPad immensely popular

    Apple's iPhone and iPad remain popular among young people, according to a new study that shows the iPhone in the hands of more than half of American teens.

    Tags: Piper, iPhone, iPad, Popular, Teens

    1837 days ago

  • Steve Jobs innovation

    click edit to contribute on this wiki page Let's map out the innovations that Steve Jobs brought to market (obviously never alone):   Since comeback: 1998 iMac 1999 Power Mac G3 blue & white 2000 Cube2001 iPod2003 iTunes Music Store2007 iPhone2010 iPad

    Tags: Steve Jobs, Innovation, Brought to market, Macintosh, Apple I, iPod, iPad, iPhone

    1898 days ago

  • Joe Barney

    Single Mac type that also likes Android. I enjoy family, digital photography, nature, food, reading, the internet, and chasing Hawaiian women with a leaf blower.

    Skills: Mac, iPod, iPad, Android, Linux, internet, Office, kissing, eating

    135 days ago

  • Editorial: The mysterious failure of Microsoft's Surface RT

    This last week, Microsoft announced disappointing earnings that reflected the battered market for PCs and the company's inability to gain traction in smartphones. But most notable was the $900 million "inventory adjustment" related to Surface RT, Microsoft's beleaguered iPad contender. How coul...

    Tags: Microsoft, Failed, Surface RT, iPad

    1917 days ago

  • Prss is trying to design the iPad publishing app that Apple never built — Tech News and Analysis

    A Netherlands-based company wants to revolutionize iPad publishing. In much the same way that Quark enabled desktop publishing in the eighties and platforms like WordPress and Tumblr allowed anyone to cheaply and easily set up their own blog in the aughts, Prss wants to put iPad publish...

    Tags: Apps, iPad

    1922 days ago

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