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  • Argument over strong encryption reaches boiling point as Apple, Microsoft rebuff court orders for data access

    A long-running debate concerning recent advances in consumer data encryption came to a head this summer when Apple rebuffed a Justice Department court order demanding access to iMessage transcripts, causing some in the law enforcement community to call for legal action against the company.

    Tags: iMessage, Encryption, Court Case, Justice Department, DOJ, Apple, Law Enforcement, Data, Legal Action

    1198 days ago

  • iOS 8 - iMessage inline video and audio messages


    Tags: iOS 8, iMessage, Audio, Video, Inline, WWDC, 2014

    1659 days ago

  • iOS 8 - iMessage

    New things for iMessage in iOS 8 at WWDC 2014

    Tags: iOS 8, iMessage, WWDC, 2014, Audio, Video, Inline

    1659 days ago

  • Apple's iMessage encryption trips up feds' surveillance

    Internal document from the Drug Enforcement Administration complains that messages sent with Apple's encrypted chat service are "impossible to intercept," even with a warrant. by Declan McCullagh and Jennifer Van Grove   April 4, 2013 4:00 AM PDT The DE...

    Tags: iMessage, Encryption, FED, Surveillance

    2085 days ago

  • So iChat, Messages & iMessage isn't working, what now?

    There are many problems with Apple's chat offerings, the main one is: they don't work! Before we go on. Let's make some things clear about the confusing situation between iChat, Messages and iMessage.iChat, Messages > OS XiMessage > iOSMessages for OS X today includes iChat, built into it....

    Tags: Apple chat, Apple community chat, iChat, Messages, iMessage, communicate, Apple Social Networking, AIM, Adium, Instantbird, yahoo messenger, Fire, Proteus X, Skype, Microsoft,

    2119 days ago