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  • OS Snow Leopard on Ext Hard Drive Question.

    My iMac has Mountain Lion. I have Snow Leopard on an external hard drive. I need that external drive for back up. Is it possible to put SL on a USB flash drive and run SL on the iMac from that flash drive? If so, what size should the flash drive be? Any help is most appreciated.

    2104 days ago

  • An urgent matter, involving Santa Clause

    .... Now, I myself suffer from certain delutional problems i.e. iThink iAm iMac so the question i bring...nk it is ok  ....I'm flying to the north pole ASAP to ask for a new iMac !   Respectfully Bria...

    2141 days ago

  • New shelf!

    ...oing to use it for something reaaaaally cool! Anyways – Me and my dad built it. Originally i would use it for putting iMac G3′s in it and maybe a FlowerPower iMac or a PowerMac G3 on top. But...

    2172 days ago

  • I love this Space!

    ...gine. The characters are dissatisfied with the guy who draws them because their contract promised better working conditions, the PC argues with the iMac, it's really just a mess. St...

    2177 days ago

  • My Apple Collection

    MacPro 8Core The New iPad Apple TV 3 Airport Extreme Airport Express Apple Magic Mouse Apple Trackpad Apple Wireless Keyboard Apple Wired Keyboard Lots of iPods :P eMac 2004 iMac G3 Bondi Blue 1985 Macintosh Plus. (More stuff to come :D)

    2179 days ago

  • What was YOUR first iMac?

    Mine was the 2004 iMac G5. What was yours?

    2187 days ago