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  • Apple iMo iCar - Life is simple

    Life is simple. iMo.

    Tags: Apple Inc., iCar, iMo

    1627 days ago

  • Apple iMo - Time to Drive

    Designed by Anthony Jannarelly for Coventry University. iMo combines robotic technology with transportation design to predict the future of the urban vehicle. Featuring an AI and communicating with its environment, iMo assists you in your daily life, taking you anywhere you want and parking by it...

    Tags: iMo, iCar, Anthony Jannarelly, Coventry University

    1627 days ago

  • Apple icar model by steve jobs

    Steve Jobs wanted to create a revolutionary product - the Apple iCar , and according to Mickey Drexler the Apple iCar would probably take 50 percent of the market, no car has ever reached this level , but if you think of it, before the iPod no-one music product had taken so much of the market , u...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, iCar

    1627 days ago

  • The New Apple Concept Car - iMove

    The New Apple Concept Car - iMoveAn Apple board member has revealed that Steve Jobs had dreamed of creating an iCar before his sad demise in October last year after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.Speaking at a Fast Company conference, Mickey Drexler stated that the car industry is a tr...

    Tags: Apple Inc., iCar, iMove, Concept, Mickey Drexler, Steve Jobs

    1627 days ago

  • RobotCar UK - Control And Sensing Enabling Autonomous Driving

    Learn more http://robotcar.org.uk

    Tags: RobotCar, iCar

    2106 days ago

  • $10,000 Car - AirPod - That Runs On Air

    An amazing affordable auto that runs on air!AIRPod is the culmination of MDI studies on pollution and urban mobility.This concept will be the first to leave the production line in spring 2009. MDI will respond to an invitation to tender of the city of Paris, "Autolib'", and is already the sub...

    Tags: AirPod, iCar, AirCar

    2130 days ago