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  • MAS Car (not NAS car)

    Limited edition, Apple logoed leather seats.

    Tags: MAS Car, NAS Car, iCar

    1607 days ago

  • Apple iMo iCar - Life is simple

    Life is simple. iMo.

    Tags: Apple Inc., iCar, iMo

    1627 days ago

  • iMo iCar


    Tags: iMo, iCar

    1627 days ago

  • Apple iMo - Time to Drive

    Designed by Anthony Jannarelly for Coventry University. iMo combines robotic technology with transportation design to predict the future of the urban vehicle. Featuring an AI and communicating with its environment, iMo assists you in your daily life, taking you anywhere you want and parking by it...

    Tags: iMo, iCar, Anthony Jannarelly, Coventry University

    1627 days ago

  • iDrive iCar on iGas

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar Full Service Only at the iGas StoreThe iCar will only run official, Apple-branded fuel which will only be available from Apple iGas Stores located in major metropolitan areas. The fuel might be a special blended gasolin...

    Tags: iCar, iGas, Gas Station, Apple Logo

    1627 days ago

  • Steve Jobs iCar an Unfulfilled Dream 16

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar iCar Apps Available at the iCar StoreiCar apps will be sold exclusively through the iCar store and will do things like help you find a parking space or provide precise answers to the kids when they ask, “are we al...

    Tags: iCar, Store

    1627 days ago

  • Steve Jobs iCar an Unfulfilled Dream 15

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar Speaking of Accessories… We predict a large third party industry for accessories to spring up around the iCar offering custom-made garages, covers, docks and even matching clothing

    Tags: iCar, T-Shirt, Cover, Apple Logo

    1627 days ago

  • Steve Jobs iCar an Unfulfilled Dream 14

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar An Assortment of ColorsThe car will be available in an assortment of bright “rainbow” colors and a huge industry will spring to supply matching seat covers, floor mats and other color coordinated accessories.

    Tags: iCar, Steve Jobs

    1627 days ago

  • Steve Jobs iCar an Unfulfilled Dream 12

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar No Access to “Sealed” BatteryApple will apply its battery expertise to making the car super efficient and environmentally-friendly but the bad news is you won’t have access to the battery. The car will have...

    Tags: iCar, Battery, Apple Inc.

    1627 days ago

  • Steve Jobs iCar an Unfulfilled Dream 11

    http://www.retrevo.com/content/blog/2011/04/insanely-great-apple-icar A Patent Is Pending on a New Car UIOther functions in the car will be controlled by swiping and tapping somewhere on the steering wheel or dashboard. You may have to tap the virtual gas pedal to make the car accelerate ...

    Tags: iCar, Steering Wheel, Controls, Dashboard

    1627 days ago

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