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  • MyAppleSpace appreciates the humor that reins in the Apple Community! Must have come from years of watching poor windows users suffer?

    1892 days ago


  • Alligator

    ...rly as well-known as Ridley Scott’s “1984’ masterpiece, but it does a great job of helping establish the kind of irreverent humor that has frequently character...

    1450 days ago


  • iWatch Rumor Humor

    Spoof mockups of iWatch concepts.

    1436 days ago

  • We Love Steve Jobs!

    The Apple Community Loves Steve Jobs! Share your photos of love expressions towards the former 'fearless leader of the Apple Community', take it with a sense of humor and tons of love. The man, the legend, the insanely great. We will miss him.

    1882 days ago


  • Apple Humor

    Apple Humor

    Apple Humor. "Mockery is the greatest form of flattery" -- Steve Jobs

    1914 days ago