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  • iPhone 6

    Picked up the 128GB iPhone 6 yesterday. I choose the 6 over the 6+ as I use it as a phone and not an iPad. The 6+ is just too big for normal phone use and the 6 is perfect. There were no 128GBs 6+ iPhone in any Apple Stores in  California but I did find the 6 in Northridge and they only had 1.

    1166 days ago

  • Finlands Prime Minister Blames Steve Jobs for saving the trees from humans and humans from dumb-phones

    Hello Apple Friends In one of the more bizare r...e Minister Alexander Stubb has accused Apple’s late-founder Steve..., both were affected by the arrival of Apple’s smartphone and tabl...Jobs Saved Finlands Trees”, but apparently most folks thought it...

    1158 days ago

  • Automating the dishes - a new hope?

    ...s still in development ….   Hello Apple friends ! I wanted to touc...ting for? I don’t mean Augmentation as in Apple User Grouping your home tow...flight at the airport instead of work? Will my Apple TV wake me up with the...

    1263 days ago

  • Building a home for the Apple Community - can we do it?

    Dear Apple Friends We love Macs, some of us loves the o...ones, iMovie, gaming and rumors. So what would happen if we got enough Apple heads in the same room toge...ki pages File server - share PDF user manuals, app documents, zip files etc. Ch...

    1266 days ago

  • No Follow - Houston We HAD a problem!

    Hello Apple Community! Today we did something e...ks pointing to other domains outside MyAppleSpace.com If your site link...s that in a large part are pointing to Apple, Wikipedia, AppleInsider, M...en flying with no engines and barely flapping our way to the end of the...

    1266 days ago

  • First Pressrelease for the New MyAppleSpace 2.0

    MyAppleSpace introduces a platform for Apple Social Networking February...rMac.com] Aarhus, Denmark - MyAppleSpace is excited to introduce a new platform for Apple Social Networking. Apple fa...your new community space on MyAppleSpace - a little space for t...

    1266 days ago

  • Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament ahead !

    Hello Apple fans ! There will be a tournament of Super Smash Bros Melee on Gamecube held in Sweden from April 4th to April 7th and I want to share my love for this game...

    1718 days ago

  • Making Leopard As Snappy As Tiger Without Removing Anything

    ...but with its age it feels a bit lacking. It's snappy sure, it runs with limited r...ell here's a quick guide to making Leopard as snappy as Tiger without removing or...: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver Compositor -di...

    1720 days ago

  • Why Mail App Rules and How To Fix Spam

    Mail App is pretty cool in Mountain Lion (thanks iPad). But...om that one little persistant spam attack that Mail App can't seem to guard you against. So there you go, there really is one Mail App to 'Rule' them all !

    1721 days ago

  • PowerPC Web Browsers For Your Mac (By Tanner)

    ...rowsers I know of that still happen to work on PPC and many are...eb rendering but can also use Apple's own software.  ...es KHTML (also known  as Apple's WebKit) and has been writ...p; surfDude 0.5 - This little app has a special place in my hea...

    1737 days ago

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