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  • cadTouch

    ...k at the most productive CAD solution on a touch device ever in our new video, visit: www.cadtouch.com...ling of text/dimensions/patterns/linetypes (can be disabled)➤ Tools and editing capabilities:- Tools: line, p...

    1935 days ago


  • iMovie


    iMovie - Apple's consumer video editing software, of which Final Cut Pro X is a brilliant extension. iMovie on The Mac App Store iMovie on Apple.com iMovie on Wikipedia 

    1487 days ago


  • applefreak

    I collect Apple computers, clones and NeXT computers, the original boxes, guides, systems and software putting and holding them in working condition   my prefered Apple : Lisa 2/5     get info of every Mac http://mactracker.ca/

    Tags: Apple, collection, Apple ...... before 2006, Architecture, Video editing

    1248 days ago