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  • GlitchyFlame

    I was a former member of MAS until I dicided to make a new account today. While I prefer PC's in general, I still think that the older creations of Apple are pure genius. I did not come back to troll or do anything malicious. This is a great community of people and a different preference of tech ...

    Tags: PC Gaming, Technology, Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, Elder Scrolls

    1423 days ago

  • New transparent phone concept, soon to be on the market?

    The newest prototype shown off by Polyton technologies is an entirely transparent smart phone; what does this mean for the future of the smart phone market? Further reading on the announcement: http://liliputing.com/2013/02/polytro...http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/02/...   ...

    Tags: Transparent, Technology, iPhone

    2014 days ago

  • Flexible Battery Technology for Future Smart Watches & Other Devices

    flexible smart watch battery http://www.mobilegeeks.comTaiwanese company Prologium is showing off a FLCB or Flexible Lithium-Ceramic Battery that can be burnt, cut, punctured and foldered all while still powering a device. We take a closer look at this technology in action. FLCB is t he only...

    Tags: Battery, Technology, iWatch, Future

    2014 days ago

  • Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers

    Researchers in Japan have invented an incredible invisibility cloak.The technology comes from 2003, but it's developers say the Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak is just the beginning. The team, led by Dr. Susumu Tachi, from Keio University, is now adapting their findings to help pilots, drive...

    Tags: Invisibility, Future, Technology

    2117 days ago

  • The Latest 'buzz' in government surveillance?

    The Latest 'buzz' in totalitarian technology? Government surveillance technology gone horribly wrong? RFID chips with wings?

    Tags: mosquito, civil liberties, government, surveillance, technology, rfid

    2126 days ago

  • Civil Liberties - Government Surveillance Technology

    Your forefathers fought so you could live free.

    Tags: Civil Liberties, government, surveillance, technology

    2126 days ago

  • Apple & Environmental Technology

    Let's collaborate on gathering all information we can find on Apple and it's green efforts. (click edit to make changes / comment) http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/21/apples-data-centers-now-running-on-100-renewable-energy-corporate-facilities-at-75/ http://www.myapplespace.com/bookmarks/view/...

    Tags: Apple, environment, green, technology, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro

    2110 days ago

  • ziyaansayed

    Tags: technology, gadgets

    1968 days ago

  • Apple to release the iWatch this year, but facing issues with battery life

    We've got info about Apple releasing their iWatch the same time as Google releasing their Glass. But their is only one issue wich Apple have, and thats battery life. Read more to find out.

    Tags: apple, google, iwatch, watch, technology, google glass, glass

    2147 days ago