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  • A New to Mac Overview

      Why Mac? Are you asking yourself Why Mac?. Are you wondering why more and more PC users are switching?   Got questions about Mac?...

    1946 days ago

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  • Can we find someone who will pay for the old Ning system? 600$ per year. Switching was necessary to survival. Create a space: The old MAS.

    1746 days ago





  • iSwitch


    Salvation to the PC users! iSwitch People From PC to Mac Share your proudest achievements, doing to the good work of switching PC users to Mac. How many did you switch? How did you d...

    1449 days ago

  • New to Mac

    New to Mac

    Here you can find everything you need to know about getting a Mac PC, making your transition from PC/Linux/UNIX seamless and user-friendly. Welcome to the fold. We've been waiting for you! Join the iSwitch Space if you’re an Apple Activist switching PC users for breakfast.

    1449 days ago


  • Switching from PC to Mac is Easy with this Tutorial

    This is a tutorial on the most common differences between windows and Mac OS X that confuse new Mac users. It describes how the Finder works, what the Dock is and how to use it, Mac's internet browser Safari, how to "install" applications and programs, and how to use Expose. Don't be scared to sw...

    Tags: Switching from PC to Mac, New to Mac, Switching to Mac

    1905 days ago

  • PC Gamers We Don't Want Switching to Mac!

    26 photos that will change your mind on wanting to switch any and all PC user to Mac. Do the Apple Community a favour: let a PC gamer keep his PC! PC Gamers We Don't Want Switching to Mac!http://applecommunity.quora.com/PC-Gamers-We-Dont-Want-Switching-to-Mac Photo album:http://www.myapplespace...

    Tags: PC gamer, Mac gamer, Switching to Mac, Anti-PC, Anti-Windows

    1858 days ago

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