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  • New York Times Article Explores Apple's Failed Attempt to Build the Macintosh in California

    The New York Times today printed an interesting article exploring how Apple co-founder Steve Jobs set up a Macintosh manufacturing plant in Fremont, California in the 1980s that failed early on into its tenure. Titled "When Apple Was Homegrown," the piece by John Markoff offers an insig...

    Tags: Apple Inc., MAGA, Factory, Mac, Production, Steve Jobs

    2 days ago

  • Architects out of touch with their customers excitement - Steve and Norman perfectly in tune

    Designed in collaboration with Steve Jobs by Norman Foster, the new Infinite Loop has Apple fans excited… but not architects. Informally polling a group of 6,000 architects around the world gathered for a South African conference, Fortune’s Philip Elmer DeWitt discov...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Mothership, Campus, Architects, Steve Jobs, Norman Foster, Excited

    1595 days ago

  • Steve Jobs hatred for AT&T almost gave everyone free Wi-Fi

    When the original iPhone launched in 2007, the only thing worse than its abysmal camera was the cellular data provided by AT&T’s sluggish, outage-prone network. Even Steve Jobs thought AT&T’s data speeds sucked, and according to Re/Code’s Walt Mossberg,...

    Tags: Steve Jobs, AT&T, Wi-Fi

    1597 days ago

  • Former Apple designer dispels myths about Steve Jobs, corporate culture

    Ex-Apple senior designer and user experience evangelist Mark Kawano gives a peek behind the curtain of Cupertino's inner workings in an interview with Fast Company, dispelling four myths regarding the company's design studio and the reputation of cofounder Steve Jobs.

    Tags: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Culture, Myths, Design, Mark Kawano, Evangelist

    1670 days ago

  • Norman Foster on Apple's Campus Mothership design

    Foster+Partners has designed megaprojects around the globe, from airports to skyscrapers. How are super-size buildings, such as Apple's future headquarters, shaped for the people who will use them? By Cathleen McGuigan  

    Tags: Architect, Apple, Campus, Spaceship, Mothership, Design, Steve jobs, Norman Foster

    1751 days ago

  • Wrap-up: The post-PC era is officially here and CES proves it

    A lot of virtual ink is being spilled over the fact that Microsoft wasn't at CES, but more interesting for me was that CES was a manifestation of a five year old prediction coming true. For years, Microsoft used to keynote CES, giving us memorable moments like the time Windows 98 crashed on a 30...

    Tags: Post-PC Era, CES, Steve Jobs, 2014

    1801 days ago

  • iOS chief Scott Forstall profiled as a 'maddeningly political' mini-Steve Jobs

    Apple senior vice president of iOS software Scott Forstall is hailed in a new interview as a polarizing genius, and potentially what the company needs to continue its remarkable growth story in a post-Jobs era.In a comprehensive look at how the company's youngest senior execut...

    Tags: Scott Forstall, Mini, Steve Jobs

    1836 days ago

  • What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?

    I had left a company called Taligent with a few other folks in the mid-90s and we had been cooped up in a small office in a strip mall in Los Altos working on the  idea we thought was pretty cool.The product was a browser with built-in multimedia/animation support so you could buil...

    Tags: Steve Jobs, Meeting Steve Jobs

    1847 days ago

  • Ashton Kutcher as “Jobs" available in iTunes Movie Store

    Plot Summary Ashton Kutcher is Steve Jobs, the iconic Apple innovator and groundbreaking entrepreneur. This inspiring and entertaining film chronicles Jobs’ early days as a college dropout to his rise as the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. and forced departure from the company. More than...

    Tags: Movie, Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, Steve Jobs

    1848 days ago

  • What is the history of the "i" prefix in Apple product names?

    Apple Shows How To Think DifferentThere was no name for this product and Steve felt that it would be extremely important to have a Mac name.  At the time TBWA\Chiat\Day was creating the defining marketing campaign for Apple, “Think Different” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thi.....

    Tags: iMac, i, Steve Jobs, name

    1848 days ago

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