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  • 1,500 screenshots of macOS and Mac OS X

    2018/08/22 Stephen Hackett Shares Over 1,500 Screenshots of Every Mac OS Release Since 2000 (Relay FM co-founder) https://512pixels.net/projects/aqua-screenshot-library/  

    Tags: Stephen Hackett, Photos, macOS, Mac OS X

    82 days ago

  • Apple Searching for Retail Employees to Test Upcoming Photos App for OS X

    We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Test

    1582 days ago

  • Apple's 'Photos' for OS X to come with pro-level image search, editing, plugins, more

    Less than a week after Apple announced plans to ditch both its pro-level Aperture and consumer-minded iPhoto photography tools for OS X, a report on Tuesday offers additional details on the upcoming replacement app, Photos for OS X. Last Friday, Apple revealed it has ceased developme...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Pro, Plugins

    1595 days ago

  • Photos App

    Replacing iPhoto and Aperture in 2015, on a Mac and iOS device near you. And seriously, Photos looks amazing. So what’s the hoopla hoop about out there? Get real and plug in. iPhoto was getting complicated and bulked up with confusing features. Now take a look at Photos simplified interfa...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, 2015

    1595 days ago

  • Screenshots of Photos App

    Screenshots of Apples Photos App. Replacing iPhoto and Aperture.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Screenshot

    1596 days ago

  • Photos (app)

    Photos (app)

    Appleā€™s Photos app, replacing Aperture and iPhoto on Macs and iOS devices near you.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Mac, iOS

    1586 days ago

  • Tim Cook Profile Photos

    Profile photos of Tim Cook

    Tags: Tim Cook, Profile, Photos

    1717 days ago

  • iPad 5 Spy Photos Leaked

    Photos of purported 5th-gen iPad cover glass surface, show iPad mini inspired design. AppleInsider.com article

    Tags: iPad, iPad 5, Spy, Photos, Leaked

    2043 days ago

  • Briefly: Tim Cook's high school years revealed in yearbook photos

    A few pictures of Tim Cook were posted online this weekend, offering a glimpse at the Apple CEO's freshman and sophomore years at Robertsdale High School in Alabama.

    Tags: Tim Cook, High School, Photos

    2052 days ago

  • Rare Steve Jobs Photos

    Rare photos of Steve Jobs

    Tags: Steve Jobs, photos, rare

    2085 days ago