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  • Steve Perlman

    Steve Perlman

    ... WebTV, pCell and Mova Contour facial capture technologies. In addition to having founded and operated multiple startup companies, Perlman was a Microsoft division president and a prin...

    1424 days ago

  • Microsoft


    Watching the end of Microsoft aka the evil Redmond Castle.

    1676 days ago

  • The Apple Brotherhood

    The Apple Brotherhood

    ...nal even. Join us, victory is at hand! Once a member of the brotherhood, you can never leave. There are those who has tried and some turn up in Microsoft stores with bad locations whi...

    1644 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.6

    Mac OS 10.6

    Intel processors only Supports Microsoft Exchange 64 bit Supports up to 16 TB of RAM (16,000 GB) - about 500 times more than what Mac hardware supports Grand Central Dispatch - o...

    1270 days ago

  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates

    ...ation Co-founder and Chairman ofMicrosoftCo-Chair of the Bill & Mel...executive and current chairman ofMicrosoft, the world’s largest personal...rson.[7][8] During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of...r. Gates's last full-time day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. He remains...

    2105 days ago

  • iSight the iGhost

    iSight the iGhost

    ...eSpace is haunted! A PC user clicked to enter MyAppleSpace from the front page and was hit by a million volts and died instantly. Terminated by Microsoft as a traitor. Strange things...

    2175 days ago

  • iTunes


    ...video on personal computers running the OS X operating system and the iOS-based iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices, with editions also released for Microsoft Windows. Through the iTunes...

    1676 days ago

  • Apple TV

    Apple TV

    Wikipedia: Apple TV is a digital media receiver developed and sold by Apple Inc. It is a small form factor network appliance designed to play digital content from the i...

    2175 days ago

  • Oh, Steve Ballmer!

    Oh, Steve Ballmer!

    Thinking Different about »crazy« Post pictures of the (former) Microsoft CEO going nuts down below! "Now that Ballmer has left the company, Microsoft can no longer be considered an ‘entertainment’ company." - MAS Founder, Brian Floe {Nominated for the MASsey award as tech comment of 2014}

    1201 days ago

  • Macintosh 128K - 512K

    Macintosh 128K - 512K

    ...the "Wintel" platform: IBM PC compatible machines running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows.[4] In 1998, Apple co...systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and, in the case of Intel-based Macs, Microsoft Windows. However, Apple does...

    2187 days ago