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  • Matt's Macintosh: eMate 300: Apple's Best Design?

    I've had a revelation: Apple's most functional design ever is the Newton eMate 300. Seriously.Laptop stand used: http://amzn.to/12GSBIH

    2075 days ago

  • Unreleased Apple Products

    A look at a few of the unreleased products, prototypes, and concepts Apple has created over the years. Including the first Apple phone, an early Apple Tablet called "Bashful", as well as a forerunner to Apple TV among many others.If you want to see other unreleased Apple products and prototypes, ...

    2081 days ago

  • Macintosh Classic by Matt's Macintosh

    In this retro review we look at the Macintosh Classic. Released in 1990, I think it really was the beginning of Apple's near destruction.

    2107 days ago