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  • Editorial: Why Apple, Inc. isn't worried about iPad's IDC tablet "market share"

    In the face of dubious market research portraying Apple's iPad (and perhaps the entire tablet market) as troubled and teetering on the brink of collapse, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook expressed a sincere lack of concern while addressing analysts, alluding to long term strategies for outliving ...

    Tags: Anti-Apple, Propaganda, IDC, Market Share, iPad, Android

    993 days ago

  • iPhone is the #1 smartphone in U.S. market share

    The iPhone is far and away the most popular smartphone in the U.S., according to a new report by research firm ComScore. According to ComScore, 169 million cellphone users in the U.S. use smartphones — representing around 70 percent of all mobile users. Of these, Apple can lay claim to 41....

    Tags: iPhone, 1#, Smartphone, U.S., Market Share

    1022 days ago

  • Apple's iOS takes 93% share in enterprise apps; iPad takes 92% of business tablets

    Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported that companies continue to prefer Apple's mobile platform, with iPhone and iPad share of business devices holding steady in dominating device share despite significant growth in the segment, and in particular, custom app development sta...

    Tags: iOS, Enterprise, Apps, Market Share, Business Tablets

    1037 days ago

  • Exclusive: Apple vs. Samsung docs reveal Galaxy Tab was a flop and Samsung knew it

    However, as noted by Apple's chief executive Tim Cook, there is no evidence among web usage stats or app sales that support the idea that vast numbers of unbranded tablets are eclipsing the iPad globally. Instead, iPad shows up in web logs as making up an astounding 84 percent of ...

    Tags: Samsung, Docs, Galaxy Tab, IDC, Gartner, Strategy Analytics, Anti-Apple, Propaganda, Tim Cook, iOS, iPad, Market Share

    1108 days ago

  • Apple's failure to pay for favorable media coverage flies in the face of Samsung's payola

    Slanted media reports targeting Apple appear to be directly connected to the company's failure to pay for more favorable coverage in the model of Samsung. It doesn't appear to be affecting Apple's sales or profits, however.

    Tags: Apple, Samsung, Google, Main Stream Media, News, Payola, Corruption, Android, iOS, Market Share, Anti-Apple, Propaganda

    1155 days ago

  • Microsoft to reportedly cut Windows pricing by 70% as Apple, Google eat PC marketshare

    As the mobile device market -- led by device from Apple and Google -- continues to devour traditional PC marketshare, Microsoft is reportedly looking cheaper Windows licensing fees in a bid to stop the hemorrhaging

    Tags: Microsoft, Market Share, Windows, Pricing, 70%;

    1156 days ago

  • Google has fooled the media and markets, but hasn't bested Tim Cook's Apple

    Saturday, February 15, 2014, 04:59 pm PT (07:59 pm ET) By Daniel Eran Dilger Listening to the Google-enraptured tech media's echo chamber of fears, uncertainties and doubts about the world's most profitable and successful company, you'd never realize that there's an incredible bounty of lo...

    Tags: Apple inc., Google, Market Share, Profits, Revenue, Anti-Apple, Propaganda, USA Today, Alistair Barr

    1163 days ago

  • Apple sells more computers than Microsoft

    Apple, Inc. sold more computers than all of Microsoft's Windows PC partners in December quarter Seven years after entering the mobile computing market with iPhone, the Cupertino-based company has now reached a peak of building and selling more computers than all of Microsoft's Windows licensees ...

    Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Market Share, Computers, PC, iOS, Windows, OS X

    1165 days ago

  • Study finds 20% of Apple iPhone users switched away from Android in past year

    Not only does Apple's bestselling iPhone engender strong loyalty among those who buy it, but a new study says that the device attracts buyers from rival platforms faster than it loses to them.

    Tags: iPhone, Android, switch, market share

    1343 days ago

  • Apple widens lead in US smartphone market as iPhone nears 40% share

    As of March, Apple boosted its share of the U.S. smartphone market to 39 percent, according to the most recent statistics from market research firm comScore, with a three-month percentage growth outperforming Samsung by a factor of four.

    Tags: Apple, US Smartphone Market share, Market share

    1451 days ago

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