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  • Automator: Bounce message in Mail app

    Wiki page: http://www.myapplespace.com/pages/view/30081/mail-quotbounce-messagequot-via-automator

    Tags: OS X, Mail, Bounce message, Feature, Automator, Services, MacLife.com,

    1553 days ago

  • Mail "Bounce message" via Automator

    “Bounce Email” feature was removed in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) Automator service can bounce the selected emails in Mail just by clicking on an item in the Services menu: How to Bounce Emails in Mac OS X Mail Download Automator script here

    Tags: OS X, Mail, Bounce message, Feature, Automator, Services, MacLife.com

    1553 days ago

  • Mail


    Getting your mail in OS X.

    Tags: Mail, OS X, App

    1553 days ago

  • Email encryption

    Secure, private, encrypted, anti-NSA on your Mac and iOS device. https://www.protonmail.ch - Based in Switzerland with swiss servers. GPG for OS X Mail (download) GPG on Wikipedia GPG - where do I begin?

    Tags: Apple Inc., OS X, Mail, GPG, PGP, Security, Privacy, Encryption, Anti-NSA, Edward Snowden

    1332 days ago

  • 'Dramatic changes' to Apple's iOS 7 said to include Calendar, Mail app overhauls

    Under the control of lead designer Jony Ive, iOS 7 will reportedly see a significant overhaul that is expected to bring about new looks for the native Calendar and Mail applications for iPhone and iPad.Ive is said to be implementing "dramatic changes" to Apple's mobile operating system, according...

    Tags: iOS, 7, Calendar, Mail, WWDC, 2013

    2086 days ago

  • Dropbox buys Mailbox

    Well folks it looks like Mailbox has been purchased buy Dropbox. For more info read our latest article.

    Tags: dropbox, mailbox, mail, drop, box, sync, messages, news

    2132 days ago

  • Mail

    Tags: Automator scripts, library, download, mail

    2148 days ago

  • Apple Mail Setup Assistant

    Apple walkthru for Mail account setup in OS X Mountain Lion.

    Tags: Mail

    2181 days ago