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  • 1,500 screenshots of macOS and Mac OS X

    2018/08/22 Stephen Hackett Shares Over 1,500 Screenshots of Every Mac OS Release Since 2000 (Relay FM co-founder) https://512pixels.net/projects/aqua-screenshot-library/  

    Tags: Stephen Hackett, Photos, macOS, Mac OS X

    82 days ago

  • macOS


    The complete series of Apple operating systems for Macintosh.

    Tags: macOS, Mac OS X

    82 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.6

    Mac OS 10.6

    Intel processors only Supports Microsoft Exchange 64 bit Supports up to 16 TB of RAM (16,000 GB) - about 500 times more than what Mac hardware supports Grand Central Dispatch - optimizes for working on multiple cores OpenCL (Open computing Language) C based programming language QuickTime ...

    Tags: Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, 10.6

    1202 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.5

    Mac OS 10.5

    Updated Finer Faster and improved Spotlight searching Spaces - work with multiple desktops at a time Time Machine - next generation backup Boot Camp - optional booting into different operating systems such as Windows Updated Dock New Front Row with same GUI as Apple TV New Mail app with ...

    Tags: Mac OS X, 10.5, Leopard

    1202 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.4

    Mac OS 10.4

    Quartz 2D Extreme, more hardware acceleration of the user interface Dashboard - widgets Spotlight, metadata searching Core Data - API for simple implementation of database programs Core image - graphics card accelleration of image processing Core video - graphics card accelleration of vide...

    Tags: Mac OS X, 10.4. Tiger

    1202 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.3

    Mac OS 10.3

    Safari included in Panther Exposé New soft look to Finder New Kernel, considerably faster than previous versions. Xcode development tool introduced. Check the developer space Automatic defragmentation of harddrive

    Tags: Mac OS X, 10.3, Panther

    1202 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.2

    Mac OS 10.2

    Quartz Extreme (hardware-acceleration of the user interface) CoreAudio, a brand new sound architecture which really put Apple ahead in professional audio. New Kernel, Terminal and Finder Better UNIX features which enabled the first compiling of Linux apps. 10.2.7 was the first version to su...

    Tags: Mac OS X, 10.2, Jaguar

    1202 days ago

  • Mac OS 10.1

    Mac OS 10.1

    The first real OS X with powerful performance enhancements compared to 10.0 Cheetah Free update Included a DVD player and a new Finder New Core  

    Tags: Mac OS X, Puma, 10.1

    1202 days ago

  • HyperCard

    let's collaborate on information on HyperCard. Simply click "edit" to make your changes to this wiki page. Don't worry, there is a 'history' feature so all versions of the wiki page is saved. This means you cannot 'destroy' anything. Let's go ...   What is HyperCard? .... .... ...

    Tags: HyperCard, Mac OS X

    2087 days ago

  • Mac OS X 10.0 cheetah desktop

    Tags: Cheetah, Mac OS X, 10.0, desktop

    2057 days ago

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