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  • New York Times Article Explores Apple's Failed Attempt to Build the Macintosh in California

    The New York Times today printed an interesting article exploring how Apple co-founder Steve Jobs set up a Macintosh manufacturing plant in Fremont, California in the 1980s that failed early on into its tenure. Titled "When Apple Was Homegrown," the piece by John Markoff offers an insig...

    Tags: Apple Inc., MAGA, Factory, Mac, Production, Steve Jobs

    23 hours ago

  • Seriously, Apple's flagship Macs are now less expensive than ever before

    By William GallagherMonday, December 03, 2018, 10:18 am PT (01:18 pm ET) Apple has always made you pay a lot for its newest and best Macs, and, believe it or not, the 2018 lineup isn't even close to the most expensive Apple has ever been. AppleInsider takes a look back at Apple's Mac pricin...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Mac, Flagship, Price, Expensive, Cheap

    14 days ago

  • Reset The Net - on your Mac

    Securing your chats is easy. So is private, anonymous browsing. Try both.

    Tags: Resetthenet.org, Mac, Tor, Adium, Cryptocat

    1601 days ago

  • Learn the Mac In Under An Hour

    Are you new to Mac? Just got your first Apple Computer? In this one video you will learn everything you need to get up and running. David A. Cox is an award winning teacher who specializes in teaching technology to the non tech-savvy. His service, PCClassesOnline.com is a free service that allows...

    Tags: Learn, Mac, Under an Hour, David A. Cox, Award Winning, Teacher

    1623 days ago

  • iSwitch


    Salvation to the PC users! iSwitch People From PC to Mac Share your proudest achievements, doing to the good work of switching PC users to Mac. How many did you switch? How did you do it? What made them see the light? Did someone or anyone, at any point break out in tears of joy? Join the New ...

    Tags: Switcher, iSwitch, Pc, Mac

    1628 days ago

  • Alligator

    With Apple taking a greener, more sustainable path in the Tim Cook era, we’re unlikely to see ads cropping up any time soon that show executives laughing at the prospect of turning alligators into handbags and shoes. Welcome to 1985! This early ad for the Macintosh isn’t ne...

    Tags: Alligator, 1985, TV Commercial, Mac

    1630 days ago

  • Photos (app)

    Photos (app)

    Appleā€™s Photos app, replacing Aperture and iPhoto on Macs and iOS devices near you.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Mac, iOS

    1621 days ago

  • Apple TV May Gain Deeper Integration With iOS and Macs via Continuity

    Developers who have installed the newest iOS 8 beta, the latest version of OS X Yosemite, and the current Apple TV beta, all released yesterday, have noticed a new pop up notification suggesting the Apple TV will gain some of the Continuity features Apple introduced during its Worldwide...

    Tags: Apple TV, Continuity, Integration, Mac, iOS

    1644 days ago

  • X-Plane 10 for Mac

    X-Plane is the most powerful and accurate flight simulator available for personal computers, but it doesn’t just run on Windows; the version of X-Plane sold here at X-Plane.com runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. In fact, X-Plane is developed primarily...

    Tags: X-Plane, Mac, Gaming, Simulator

    1647 days ago

  • iOS 7 screensaver on your Mac OS X

    A screensaver for your Mac OS X, simulating iOS 7.

    Tags: Mac, OS X, Screensaver, iOS 7

    1647 days ago

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