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  • Developers Music Video - New Mix

    Steve [Basket]Ballmer music video: Developers

    Tags: Steve Ballmer, Basketball, Developers, Music Video, Humor

    1493 days ago

  • What Do You Think of Appleā€™s New iTime Smart Watch?

    Apple is rumored to be working on what people are calling a “smart watch.” Since this is a product that does not exist yet, we thought we’d have some fun with it. We went out and showed people a device we claimed was the new Apple watch, but was actually a $20 Casio watch with...

    Tags: iTime, iWatch, Apple Inc., Jimmy Kimmel Live, Casio, Humor

    1605 days ago

  • iMac G3 Bondi Blue "UnPC" (1998)

    Jeff Goldblum: The PeeCee...Perpetually complicated, profusely corded, physically conspicuous? Particularly costly...Oh, and then there's the new iMac.. Which is about un-pc... as you can get.

    Tags: Jeff Goldblum, iMac, UnPC, Profusely Corded, Physically Conspicuous, Particularly Costly, PC, Humor, TV commercial, un-PC

    888 days ago

  • Watch a Woman from the 1990s Explain What a PC Is

    http://gizmodo.com/5995358/watch-a-woman-from-the-1990s-explain-what-a-computer-is  Casey Chan   One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about comp...

    Tags: Anti-PC, 1990s, PC, Tutorial, Humor

    2060 days ago

  • Somersby Cider - Real Apple products are not as popular !

    Somersby Cider - The Somersby StoreThe first UK ad for Somersby cider. http://www.facebook.com/somersbyciderukSomersby is the new cider brand from Carlsberg - Real Refreshment. It is a naturally-balanced, medium cider, made with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. The perfect thirst-que...

    Tags: Sommersby Cider, Apple Inc., Humor

    2083 days ago

  • THE CRACK: Mac vs PC

    THE CRACK: Mac vs PC

    Tags: Mac vs. PC, Humor

    2084 days ago

  • South Park Mac vs. PC

    Tutorial on how to create your own South Park video:http://bit.ly/sptutorialA parody of the Mac vs. PC commercials with South Park characters. Created as the final project for a multimedia production class at California State University Northridge (CSUN).There's an error in the credits: South Par...

    Tags: South Park, Mac vs. PC, Humor

    2084 days ago