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  • Maxjournal

    My Chronofile (diary) online - a quick way to 'capture' the day with a little text and a couple of images. I screenshot the page, upload it to Flickr, then use FlickrStackr to archive it on Tumblr. Cool!

    Tags: Apps, Flickr, FlickrStackr, Tumblr

    2062 days ago

  • FlickrStackr

    Probably, my most frequently used app - but then I do use Flickr a lot!

    Tags: Apps, Flickr

    2062 days ago

  • Flickr: The archicad Pool

    "gallery of images made in archicad, galeria de imagenes hechas en archicad" (Rafael Pasco Cosavalente)

    Tags: ArchiCAD, Flickr

    2084 days ago