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  • Tags - Finder hangs / Beach Ball

    Problem: Adding tags makes the Finder hang, displaying the Beach Ball between 30 seconds to 2 minute (per tag added).    Cause: OS X 10.9: enabling  menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Documents & Data OS X 10.10: enabling  menu > System Preferences > iCloud &...

    Tags: OS X, 10.0, 10.9, Finder, Tags, Beach Ball, Bug

    1477 days ago

  • Microsoft finally fixes 19yo ‘rare, unicorn-like’ bug

    The Microsoft Corporation has finally sorted out a bug that's plagued its Windows operating system undetected for the last 19 years. The bug was present in every version of the OS from Windows 95 onwards, and allows a remote user to take over and control a computer. Any attacker could run code ...

    Tags: Microsoft, Windows, Bug, 19, Fixes

    1497 days ago

  • iTunes www.mevio.com dialogue haunting my iTunes?

    Since yesterday, this dialogue has begun popping up regularly. I don't remember subscribing to any new podcasts yesterday? What the heck is going on. There's a thread on Apple Support on this problem

    Tags: iTunes, www.mevio.com, bug, dialogue

    1649 days ago