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  • Apple and Google and Gold

    Don Burnham, backed by musicians from LOST WEEKEND Western Swing Band,record Dons song APPLE AND GOOGLE AND GOLD at Bay Records.Nicknamed the Wall Street Waltz, the A & G & G song was debuted by Don at theFall 08 Strawberry Music Festival - Yosemite CA.APPLE AND GOOGLE AND GOLD has just b...

    Tags: Apple Song, Apple and Google and Gold

    2133 days ago

  • Apple Store Norwich - A tribute song

    A comedy tribute song to the Opening of the Apple Store in Norwich.A truly Global event!

    Tags: Apple Song, Apple Store Norwich - A tribute song

    2133 days ago

  • Mac Beautiful by Happy Slip


    Tags: Apple Song, Mac Beautiful, Happy Slip

    2133 days ago

  • My iPhone Song by micheldufrenoy

    I know the love of my life is right there... I just can't afford it.Lyrics:When I wake up in the morning,You're the first thing on my mindThen I sit on my computerLooking for pictures of your UI (User Interface)Then I realize, I'm just a manWith no money on his pocketsSo, iPhone, I'll have to...

    Tags: Apple Song, my iPhone song

    2133 days ago

  • I Love My Mac (Dj Tails House Remix)

    I loved this song so much the first time i heard it that i decided to make a remix. it is LIVE on traktor pro. No ableton or pro tools used. sorry if its not the best but this took me 8 tries to film since it kept going wrong... but i am satisfied with this take. http://www.youtube.com/lifew...

    Tags: Apple Song, I love my Mac, Daphne Kalfon, DJ tails house remix

    2133 days ago

  • I Love My Mac By Daphne Kalfon

    An entry for the MacHEADS the Movie contest. http://www.ilovemymacthesong.com

    Tags: Apple Song, I Love My Mac, Daphne Kalfon

    2133 days ago

  • Mini iPad - Parry Gripp

    How many can you eat?

    Tags: Apple Song, mini iPad song, Parry Gripp

    2133 days ago

  • iPad - Parry Gripp

    http://parrygripp.com/All of your questions about the iPad and nachos answered in one video. You can download this song for free at my site, if you are into that kind of thing.

    Tags: Apple Song, iPad song, Parry Gripp

    2133 days ago

  • iPhone Song

    iPhone SongApps used in the iPhone Song video were.Drumkit liteiRockGuitarMiniPianoShakerhttp://livingprooffilms.co.ukFollow us: http://twitter.com/livingprooffilmAdd us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/pag...]

    Tags: Apple song, iPhone song

    2133 days ago

  • Owl City - Fireflies Parody

    Used to be called 'The iPad Song'

    Tags: Apple Song, Owl City - Fireflies Parody, the iPad song

    2133 days ago

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