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  • Email encryption

    Secure, private, encrypted, anti-NSA on your Mac and iOS device. https://www.protonmail.ch - Based in Switzerland with swiss servers. GPG for OS X Mail (download) GPG on Wikipedia GPG - where do I begin?

    Tags: Apple Inc., OS X, Mail, GPG, PGP, Security, Privacy, Encryption, Anti-NSA, Edward Snowden

    1246 days ago

  • Photos App

    Replacing iPhoto and Aperture in 2015, on a Mac and iOS device near you. And seriously, Photos looks amazing. So what’s the hoopla hoop about out there? Get real and plug in. iPhoto was getting complicated and bulked up with confusing features. Now take a look at Photos simplified interfa...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, 2015

    1573 days ago

  • Screenshots of Photos App

    Screenshots of Apples Photos App. Replacing iPhoto and Aperture.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Screenshot

    1574 days ago

  • Photos (app)

    Photos (app)

    Appleā€™s Photos app, replacing Aperture and iPhoto on Macs and iOS devices near you.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Mac, iOS

    1564 days ago

  • Apple 'overhauling' the backend for its Maps service, hints at 'big plans' to come

    Tuesday, July 01, 2014, 08:36 am PT (11:36 am ET) By Neil Hughes The tools that provide access to Apple's Maps service are being rewritten in a major way, with the company now recruiting software engineers to help with a major rewrite of the Maps application programming interface, AppleIns...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Maps, Job Listing, 2014, July, Internet of Things

    1574 days ago

  • Apple updating its Maps with user corrections every day at 3 am Eastern

    Apple is now routinely updating its mapping database on a daily basis with user corrections submitted through the native Maps applications for iOS and OS X, it has been discovered Apple Maps POIs appear to be updated every day at 3 a.m., user "heyyoudvd" disclosed in a threadon Reddit. That...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Maps, User Corrections

    1574 days ago

  • The Evolution of Apple Products

    Not in chronological order and does not contain all products

    Tags: Apple Inc., Products, Evolution, History

    1576 days ago

  • Apple Commercial - Industrial Revolution

    One of the all time greatest Apple commercials. The Power To Be Your Best, series.

    Tags: Apple Inc., TV Commercial, Industrial Revolution, The Power To Be Your Best

    1576 days ago

  • Keynote Insomnia Sleeping Mask


    Tags: Apple Inc., Keynote, Insomnia, Create, Buy, Custom, Sleeping Mask,

    1577 days ago

  • Apple Recruiting Pro Athletes to Test iWatch's Fitness Capabilities

    Apple is said to be working with Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Kings right winger Dustin Brown, and a few other star athletes, including a player from the Boston Red Sox, on the testing project. The athletes are said to have signed non-disclosure-agreements regar...

    Tags: Apple Inc., iWatch, Pro Athletes, Kobe Bryant, Dustin Brown, Boston Red Sox

    1585 days ago

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