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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook on Collaboration

    Interview with Tim Cook, about what kind of people he looks for when hiring Apple employees.

    Tags: Tim Cook, Interview, Apple Inc., Employees

    1557 days ago

  • Tim Cook and the NSA

    Tim Cook speaks about NSA and transparency, government backdoors to Apple servers and privacy.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Tim Cook, NSA, Backdoor, Privacy

    1557 days ago

  • Apple Searching for Retail Employees to Test Upcoming Photos App for OS X

    We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple.

    Tags: Apple Inc., Photos, App, Test

    1558 days ago

  • How Steve Jobs runs Apple

    Steve Jobs: Apple is the biggest startup in the world.

    Tags: Steve Jobs, Re/code, Apple Inc.

    1560 days ago

  • Drone Records Birds-eye View of the Mothership Construction

    They have it all walled off around Wolfe and Pruneridge, so we decided to take a peek over the walls at the furture Apple flying saucer! Watch the 2. flyover here: http://www.myapplespace.com/videos/view/29566/another-birds-eye-view-of-construction-of-apples-new-mothership-one-week-later

    Tags: Apple Inc., Campus, Mothership, Construction, Drone, Flyover, Birds-eye View

    1561 days ago

  • Welcome to the Apple Swift Blog

    Welcome to Swift Blog This new blog will bring you a behind-the-scenes look into the design of the Swift language by the engineers who created it, in addition to the latest news and hints to turn you into a productive Swift programmer. Get started with Swift by downloading Xcode 6 beta, no...

    Tags: Apple Inc., Developer, Swift, Blog, Cocoa, Xcode

    1562 days ago

  • Why I Uninstalled Flash Months ago

    Apple Forcing Users to Upgrade to Latest Adobe Flash Plug-In Due to Security Issues Apple today posted an updated support document noting that it is now blocking older version of the Adobe's Flash Player plug-in due to a major security issue present in older versions. In a posti...

    Tags: Flash, Adobe, Security, Apple Inc.

    1562 days ago

  • Seinfeld and Apple products

    Tags: Seinfeld, Apple Inc.

    1562 days ago

  • iTag TV Commercial

    I welcome this Space, dedicated to Apple Advertising, which gotta be the original reason for ever founding AA right? A.ppleholics A.nonymous addicted to A.pple A.dvertising ....or am I way off here? I think NOT!  It's actually gonna probably be my favourite space because I can watch Apple T...

    Tags: TV Commercial, Apple Inc., Advertisement, Appleholics Anonymous,

    1562 days ago

  • The Mothership (podcast)

    The Mothership (podcast)

    MASradio cast: The Mothership. Host: Father Brian (currently under development)

    Tags: Mothership, Apple Inc., Podcast, MASradio

    1564 days ago

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