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  • Apple Y2K - "At least we knew the century was going to end"

    Apple put in a full page ad leading up to the Y2K scare at the end of the nineties. "We may not get everything right, but at least we knew the century was going to end"  

    Tags: Apple inc, Ads, Y2K

    324 days ago

  • Apple advertisement

    Ads, billboards etc. A collection of Apple advertisement up through the years.

    Tags: Apple Inc, Ads

    324 days ago

  • iPhone X doomsayers lack basic reading comprehension skills (or they're purposefully dishonest)

    Assorted media venues lit up when AppleInsider, based on actually reading an analyst's note, reported that the current iPhone X may be discontinued after one year. Unfortunately, many of those reports failed to accurately convey the substance or context of the rumor, instead opting to weave a nar...

    Tags: Apple Inc, FakeNews, Anti-Apple-Propaganda

    326 days ago

  • Apple Wins a Shocker with 2008 Touch Based Solar Panel Patent

    The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 40 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a real little stunner. Apple reveals that they've been working on display panel technology that integrates both touch and solar cells on a single...

    Tags: Apple Touch Based Solar Panel Patent, Apple inc, Solar, patent

    2143 days ago

  • Think Different Full Version TV commercial

    "Think Different" was an advertising slogan for Apple Computer (Apple Inc. as of 2007) in 1997 created by the Los Angeles office of advertising agencyTBWA\Chiat\Day.[1] It was used in a television commercial, several print advertisements and a number of TV ...

    Tags: Think Different, ad campaign, Apple inc, Richard Dreyfuss, TV commercial

    2087 days ago

  • The First Macintosh documentary

    A documentary of Steve Jobs and the Macintosh. The end of the clip shows the inside of a Macintosh case with all of the teams signatures. I have personally had one apart and they are there. Steve Jobs is somewhat cocky at first, but catches himself right away. He has always been way ahead of his ...

    Tags: The First Macintosh, Apple inc, Apple Computer, documentary

    2147 days ago