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  • Mac Gaming Slang and Terms

    ...game chats when playing tournaments. MASter A contraction of MyAppleSpace (MAS) put into the word Master. Meaning that you are the Master of something within the Apple Community on MyAppleSpace. Respawn...

    1891 days ago

  • Paul Thurrott

    Longtime "Apple critic" Paul Thurrott wrote an article "Hell On Earth" to summerize his personal, although rather humorous, view on an online community existing only of Apple users. Paul Thurrott's initial response to the iPad.

    1903 days ago

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  • MyAppleSpace appreciates the humor that reins in the Apple Community! Must have come from years of watching poor windows users suffer?

    1892 days ago

  • A big welcome to all our new Apple friends joining the Apple Community here on MyAppleSpace !

    1906 days ago

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  • Dashboard Widgets

    Dashboard Widgets

    The Apple Community's favourite Dashboard Widgets

    506 days ago

  • Screensavers


    Top Mac OS X Screensavers according to the Apple community. Post a screenshot in Photos link to the screensaver in the description text

    1467 days ago

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