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  • reddi femil

    About me:  We do realize that a wish happens when someone goes into a Sleep Spray where the mind features theta brainwaves. the subconscious brain is not even close to inactive...

    1143 days ago

  • AdamThePichu

    About me: Just a Pichu that loves Apple products.

    465 days ago

  • GlitchyFlame

    About me: ...was a former member of MAS until I dicided to make a new account today. While I prefer PC's in general, I still think that the older creations of Apple are pure genius. I did not co...

    1332 days ago

  • Mike Johnson

    Brief description: I have never owned a PC. I bought my first Mac after the 1984 Superbowl Commercial. I wrote an article for Mac Today in October 1997 on Why Macintosh and was hired @ Apple a month after Jobs returned in November 1997.

    1843 days ago

  • Matt Barbee

    About me:   ACSP  Apple Certified Support Professional 10.7/10.8 ACMT Apple Certified Macintosh Technician APP   Apple Product Professional ASP  Apple Sales Professional ACA  Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration 10.8 MacBook Pro Retina Certified iPhone/iOS Certified

    1345 days ago

  • William H

    About me: Hello Apple geeks, I'm Will the founder of both williamhawkes.me and thenxtgeek.com. I'm very in love with the Apple gadgets and never can find a...

    2022 days ago

  • Douglas Drumond

    About me: Comparing to several Apple fans I read about, I'm quite new. I got an iPod classic in 2005, but my first Mac came in 2008. Later an iPhone, iPad and another Mac. I was an iOS dev...

    2044 days ago

  • Ed Kriston

    About me: ...father, Vietnam Vet, Ham Radio Operator and all-around PITA to my Family.  I have been working with/on PCs since the early 90's.  I have taken the Apple plunge and working with older...

    2034 days ago

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