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  • macOS


    The complete series of Apple operating systems for Macintosh.

    60 days ago

  • Dashboard Widgets

    Dashboard Widgets

    The Apple Community's favourite Dashboard Widgets

    627 days ago

  • Steve Perlman

    Steve Perlman

    ...es. In addition to having founded and operated multiple startup companies, Perlman was a Microsoft division president and a principal scientist at Apple Computer. Perlman’s technolo...

    1333 days ago

  • Clarus the Dogcow

    Clarus the Dogcow

    ...Red” Harlan named the dogcow “Clarus” as a joking reference to Claris, Apple’s office software unit at the...of the paper in Mac OS page setup dialog boxes. Clarus was apart of the Apple "icon garden" that was in fro...

    1450 days ago

  • AA Appleholics Anonymous

    AA Appleholics Anonymous

    What's the first 'sign' that you might be an Appleholic? ...Well, that you're holding one! AA: Apple AddictedAA: Appleholics AnonymousAA: Apple AdvertisingAA: Apple Activist Hello my name is Brian, and I'm an Appleholic ...

    1556 days ago

  • Apple Advertising

    Apple Advertising

    Share your favorite Apple ads here!

    1563 days ago

  • Mac Mondays Podcast

    Mac Mondays Podcast

    The official space for my podcast, Mac Mondays, where I discuss the latest Apple news, rumors, and leaks of the past week.  Subscribe in the iTunes Store Podcast Website

    1565 days ago

  • Jim Reekes

    Jim Reekes

    You've been listening to this mans music all your iLife, and you didn't even know it. Here's how: Jim Reekes worked at Apple from 1987-1999 and was a key contributor to the QuickTim...

    1565 days ago

  • Photos (app)

    Photos (app)

    Apple’s Photos app, replacing Aperture and iPhoto on Macs and iOS devices near you.

    1563 days ago

  • HomeKit


    Automating your home with Apple HomeKit Home Automation technology.

    1574 days ago

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