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  • iTag TV Commercial

    I welcome this Space, dedicated to Apple Advertising, which gotta be the original reason for ever founding...It's actually gonna probably be my favourite space because I can watch Apple TV Commercials all day long.&...

    1618 days ago

  • Facetime turns down volume on all ‘other’ sound sources

    ...e iHa on how funny the video was. Facetime also has a problem with too low ring volume. It seems Facetime is in your face with "volume tyranny". Apple please let the user decide ho...

    1639 days ago

  • The Apple Community talks Apple Maps

    To me the Apple Maps has been one of the coolest additions to the...er experienced any problems, but I'm used to Anti-Apple Propaganda. And it will not s...can only do so much. Reality wins in the end, so Apple of course focused on exactly...

    1650 days ago

  • OS X.X and Redwood is NeXT

    ...ood will be a revolution. http://www.macrumors.com/2014/05/30/future-os-x-names-discovered/ At this point, the full list of known trademarks Apple has registered for includes Y...

    1660 days ago

  • iOS Sorting TV Shows alphabetically instead of by episode number?

    ...I have methodically added the season and episode number to each of my TV show episodes, my iPod insists on listing them alphabetically.  Yes Apple, that's what I want. Cheers s...

    1886 days ago

  • oSiri - The NExT Operating System from Apple ?

    ...[Mac] OS 11. Because if Siri is an OS, and we now have OS X, then what if OS 11 was named OS Siri? And that would then become OSiri or oSiri.Will Apples next generation OS be based...

    1898 days ago

  • Keychain with iCloud sync

    Hi there, with all the new informations, what the NSA can reveal even from encrypted internet data: will you trust Apple, that your keychain is safe in iCloud or do you believe, the NSA has made sure they can access this data? Will you sync your keychain?

    1925 days ago

  • Welcome to Liang Lee

    A warm welcome to Liang Lee who would like to help us make a global home for Apple (and Linux ;) ) users everywhere.  

    2071 days ago

  • Using iPad on MyAppleSpace.com

    Share your experiences (for future development) Are you a PHP developer in the Apple Community? There's a space for that

    2096 days ago

  • An urgent matter, involving Santa Clause

    I bring this matter before the council of Apple Community Wisemen, for your insigt...ultimately your advice. We have a member on MyAppleSpace who believes he is in co...m iMac so the question i bring before the Apple Community Wisemen is this: ha...

    2110 days ago

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