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  • Hanks’ Typewriter App Shoots To The Top Of The App Store

    Tom Hanks’ name can do more than sell a movie, it seems. His recently launched, hipster-ish typewriter app for iPad, Hanx Writer, has now shot to the top of the iTunes App Store, ranking No. 1 in both the Productivity section, as well as Overall.

    Tags: Tom Hanks, Typewriter, App, App Store, iOS

    1548 days ago

  • App Store becomes EA’s biggest retail partner by sales for the first time in June

    As noted by VentureBeat, EA revealed today during its earnings call with investors that for the first time, Apple has become “EA’s biggest retail partner as measured by sales” as a result of the App Store. It’s a big announcement for the publisher that previously...

    Tags: EA, Gaming, iOS, App Store, Biggest partner

    1938 days ago

  • 'Deus Ex: The Fall' for iOS Lands on App Store

    Understandably, a bit of hesitation when you take a game that's traditionally is played on a PC or console makes the jump to virtual controls, but, as seen in this video, it's actually not that bad.We're excited to (eventually) get deeper into the game, the E3 demos seemed to be very tutorial-h...

    Tags: Deus Ex, The Fall, iOS, App Store

    1952 days ago

  • App Store 5 Year Anniversary Timeline

    Tags: iOS, App Store, 5 year anniversary, Timeline

    1958 days ago

  • In-app purchases from 'freemium' titles account for 71% of iPhone app revenue

    A new study showcases the dominance of "freemium" titles on Apple's iOS platform, as in-app purchases made through free apps accounted for 71 percent of total iPhone app revenue in the month of February.

    Tags: in-app purchases, iOS, App Store, Developers

    2053 days ago

  • Welcome to Flipboard 2.0

    Flipboard founder Mike McCue gives you an inside look behind 2.0. Flipboard on iOS App Store Article on the new Flipboard 2.0

    Tags: Flipboard, iOS, App Store

    2057 days ago

  • iOS App Store

    iOS App Store

    If no one launched a Space for it - recommend / ask for recommendations Mac App Store Apple Inc. Mac App Store Wikipedia Bookmarks (right sidebare): Recommend your favorite apps Ask for recommendations from others    

    Tags: iOS, App Store

    1608 days ago

  • How do I get the App Store?

    There are those, who try to keep themselves up-to-date, but are not really ....well, successful at it. So somewhere between iMovies and iPads, a term was picked up: "The App Store". What is it? And how do I get the App Store?!! For the casual iPhone browsing john doe, there are so many new thin...

    Tags: How do I get the App Store?, App Store, iOS

    2085 days ago

  • App Store

    How do I get the App Store?

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    2085 days ago