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Yasin Farzanali

Twitter username: @demios

About me

too much has happened since i was last here.

i've been to multiple game jams, wrote one game with a team, produced another (it's crap. all indie stuff is crap [i'm gonna get backfire from this eh?]), and for the last global game jam i did a shitload of awesome interviews.

being a part of the indie game dev circuit has... made me play videogames a lot less :(

tbh, since i'm on the go and connected to fb, twitter, tumblr, etc please just look me up on facebook, add me and harass me there.

yes, i love you all. 

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  • Brian 2146 days ago

    Yo yo yo ! All new MAS!
    Launch a 'Space' on MyApple'Space'
    A little 'Space' for the rest of us
    Thinking Different about social networking.

    Launch your own space and YOU are the admin for all the included modules. YOU can transform the whole freakin' site ;)

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