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  • Brian 1924 days ago

    Love the avatar :)
    Thanks for being part of the Apple community.

  • Brian 1926 days ago

    Hello Detlefs

    You are always “forced” to follow the rules of the websites that you freely choose (!) to participate on.
    In the same way you are also forced to follow the rules of households of people you visit.

    I don’t want MyAppleSpace to appear “spammed”. Lots of blank profiles can give that impression.

    Please find a suitable profile image for an Apple community, if that’s really what you want to participate in.

    If not I can prove to you that you are not forced to do anything on MyAppleSpace, simply by removing you from the site.

    I hope you will join your fellow Apple users here on MyAppleSpace for Apple related interactions. That’s why the site was built.

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