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I'm still talking to him about that. He'll come around.

(500 days ago)

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  • Brian posted on clarktrent's message board 339 days ago
    Hi Clark, hmmm that profile sketch looks familiar .....I saw your chat message a bit after you had logged off I think, but replied. Apple rules the cosmos !
  • In this interview on the Japanese National Public Broadcasting Organization, Steve Jobs talks about entrepreneurship, the state of the personal computer and its future.NOTE: A Japanese dubbed version of this video is available...
  • Brian added a video 1981 Nightline interview with Steve Jobs in the Space Steve Jobs 377 days ago
    Ted Koppel, Bettina Gregory, and Ken Kashiwahara present news stories from 1981 on the relevancy of computers in every day life and how they will affect our future. Included are interviews with Apple Computer Chairman Steve Jobs and writer David...
  • Brian commented on the photo IMG_0082 386 days ago
    Congratulations on the iPhone 5s !
  • Brian created a wiki page Spam in the Space Mail 395 days ago
    SpamSieve (read a review)
  • Brian commented on the photo Future iMac Tablet 397 days ago
    Apple invites to "HELLO (AGAIN)" keynote. Reinventing the Mac (again)?
  • Brian created a wiki page Apple News in the Space Apple Inc. 399 days ago
    AGGREGATES Macsurfer.com   RUMORS Appleinsider.com Macrumors.com   NEWS
  • Brian posted to the wire 500 days ago
    I'm still talking to him about that. He'll come around.


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