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I'm still talking to him about that. He'll come around.

(893 days ago)

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  • By Brian 1703 days ago
    everybody remain calm now ! It’s only OS 10.10 with iOS 7 look …..OOOOO MYYYYY GOOOOOD !!!!!! FREAK OUT! Dolooooores !!!!
  • By Brian 1801 days ago
    What would your verse be? http://www.apple.com/your-verse/
  • By Brian 1819 days ago
    Hello Danny. You should try the New Year coffee and Apple pie package at the Apple Cafe 8. If you order now Delores might deliver in time.
  • By Brian 1821 days ago
    I*m on a 2 MB connection now in my new home. I don’t have the new Mac Pro but I can still kick your A.. in TF2 !
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