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MAS 1: Ning | MAS 2: Elgg | MAS 3: coming 2015

(138 days ago)

Brief description:  MAS administrator
Twitter username: myapplespacecom

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  • By Brian 138 days ago
    MAS 1: Ning | MAS 2: Elgg | MAS 3: coming 2015
  • By Brian 139 days ago
    Aaaall right now folks, settle down now .....OOOOMMMMMGGGGGG Yosemite ??? That's insanely insane!
  • By Brian 249 days ago
    I use MyAppleSpace / I’m a MyAppleSpace user / iMAS
  • By Brian 264 days ago
    I’m having a Ballmer moment …iLOL
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  • The upcoming wireless revolution!
  • Brian launched the space Steve Perlman 7 days ago
    The Upcoming Wireless Revolution http://www.artemis.com     Steve Perlman on Wikipedia. Stephen G. "Steve" Perlman, Artemis Networks' founder and CEO [1] , is an entrepreneur and inventor responsible for several innovations in Internet,...
  • Brian posted on shawn's message board 7 days ago
    It's unclear at this point Shawn, but it's nice to see you getting as excited as we are about the idea. MAS 3.0 is drawn up, sketched out, and features listed ...and the MAS 3.0 concept is what is making us really excited. Introducing easy. I...
  • Brian posted on shawn's message board 20 days ago
    Hi there Shawn. I seem to remember a member on the old MyAppleSpace 1.0 (Ning system), is that you? In any case (!) welcome to the craziest Apple fandom online. We're actually kind of on standby due to financial circumstances, but...
  • Brian is now a friend with shawn 20 days ago
  • Brian launched the space Infinite Loop Restraining Orders 21 days ago
    The unique chance for the average Joe to join "The Crazy Ones".
  • Brian commented on a bookmark Why I Uninstalled Flash Months ago in the Space NeXT Big Tech Thing 35 days ago
    YouTube has now officially dropped FLASH! ...where did all the naysayers go? http://venturebeat.com/2015/01/27/youtube-ditches-flash-for-html5-video-by-default/
  • Brian commented on the photo Jonathan Ive - Vouge 58 days ago
    Even to this day I still can't say "Vouge" without "striking a pose" like Madonna. Oh Geeze ?


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