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  • Brian 1389 days ago

    It's unclear at this point Shawn, but it's nice to see you getting as excited as we are about the idea.

    MAS 3.0 is drawn up, sketched out, and features listed ...and the MAS 3.0 concept is what is making us really excited. Introducing easy.

    I came up with some features that I really missed on FB and other places, and I ditched about 90% of the FB concept all together. I love Pinterest so I learned something about how I would like to browse through content, but also there I miss the organisation I have in a forum.

    It will happen right here, so you won't miss it when it goes online and we'll try to migrate the content, something which was not possible going from 1.0 to 2.0 when we left the Ning platform for the current Elgg platform.

    Personally I can't wait!

  • Brian 1402 days ago

    Hi there

    Shawn. I seem to remember a member on the old MyAppleSpace 1.0 (Ning system), is that you?

    In any case (!) welcome to the craziest Apple fandom online.
    We're actually kind of on standby due to financial circumstances, but MyAppleSpace 3.0 is designed and hopefully we can soon get it developed and launched. It's going to be killer.

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