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Have you all seen the new MacPro with 4, 4k video streams in Fcpx? :) Das crazy :D

(1819 days ago)

Brief description: #apple4life
Contact email: valdemarbonde@me.com

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I love apple :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  • Brian 2068 days ago

    On Activity page there is a Tag Cloud that shows the overall tags on MAS

    The Tag Cloud (you enabled it I see) here on your profile, shows YOUR tags. That means the tags that you have added to your content on MAS. So here you can see what subjects occupy you the most, and click the tags to find that content.

  • Brian 2069 days ago

    I was curious to see which topics you were mostly interested in, so I looked in your Tag Cloud (you can turn it on in widgets). TF2 of course reins high, but, not at the top ! ....I think you should get with the program already !

  • Brian 2106 days ago

    VUUT VUUT - nice profile photo Valdemar! You are ready for the MAS clan!

  • Brian 2130 days ago

    I'm not tellin' you where the MAS pacifier is he he

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