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Storm Trooper Fred

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Storm Trooper Fred

These aren't the Droids were looking for...


  • Brian 2186 days ago

    AS I explained to you, I was on my way to Obamas inauguration, and I believe I made it perfectly clear to you that this is NOT my normal outfit but dude, somethings gotta give! Now can we please just drop the subject? Thank you! I do NOT normally look like this, now quit posting this photo of me everywhere  OK?

    (I crack myself up sometimes, does that happen to you too?)

  • Sterling Archer (Sweet) 2186 days ago

    The suit DOES make you look thinner, though. Just saying.

  • Brian 2186 days ago

    You would be amazed how that thing is a pure babe magnet, like, you have NO idea.

  • Sterling Archer (Sweet) 2186 days ago

    Agreed. No woman can resist the allure of a Storm Trooper suit.

  • Brian 2186 days ago

    It's the power of it all, the, horror, of it all. Women like that.