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Apple Campus Historic Barn

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Apple Campus Historic Barn

Apple Campus 2 Site to Include Preserved Historic Barn

Monday December 29, 2014 1:07 PM PST by Juli Clover

Apple's spaceship-shaped campus under construction in Cupertino will include a spot for a historic barn, reports the San Jose Mercury News. First constructed in 1916, the Glendenning Barn is a historic Cupertino site left from a time when the city was still a sprawling orchard. 

During the teardown of the existing HP campus, Apple dismantled the redwood barn plank by plank and made careful notes on its construction because the company pledged to relocate the building to another site. 

It was initially unclear whether the barn would remain on the campus, but it appears it will indeed stay on Apple's property, nestled among the many fruit trees the company plans to build around its spaceship-shaped building. The barn, according to the Mercury News, will be used as an equipment storage facility by Apple and will be located directly adjacent to the employee fitness center.