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iWatch Concept - Chinese report 3 models

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iWatch Concept - Chinese report 3 models

Chinese report claims iWatch to come in three models, sapphire and non-sapphire varieties

A report from the Economic Daily, which has had better reliability than most Chinese news sites (although should still be treated with relative skepticism), suggests that the iWatch will launch in three distinct models (via GforGames). Rumors of multiple iWatch SKU’s have been circulating for months now, including last month in the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, the report says that there will be one iWatch model with a 1.6 inch display and two different models featuring 1.8 inch panels. According to the report, one of the 1.8 inch models will feature a sapphire display.

So many iWatch rumours, so little time. I'm more than curious to see how it will look and how it will work. It's definitely coming. 

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