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Apples 5 world changing products since 1977

In the 37 year history of Apple, the company has introduced 5 world-changing products

  • Apple II
  • Mac
  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Apple's score is 5 with an average rate of 7.4 years between them.

It is an interesting experiment to try to count the world-changers in other companies.  

Microsoft 2
Google 1 (2)
Samsung 0
Sony 3
Facebook 1
Amazon 1 

These world-changers are important, and people associate Apple with this type of activity more than others. 

But new things are not enough. Those initial devices would have failed were it not for constant refinement and reinvention. The first iPad was introduced in 2010 - Moore's law predicts a have a 2-4x speed up since then.  The new iPad Air is more like 8x CPU  74x GPU and is slimmed down too.

Successful companies don't just initiate new products, innovation only happens when those products are sustained and developed to become truly world changing.

The mythology of Apple suggests that all breakthroughs sprang forth from Mr. Jobs.  When the reality was that the company was the product of many talented individuals working together.  

What Jobs should take credit for is shaping the company to have the right values.  Job's best invention was Apple itself.

If the company cannot move forwards without him, Jobs has failed.  But if Apple is working as expected, we'd expect to see something new in the next four years.

By http://www.quora.com/Glyn-Williams