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Convert Vinyl Records to iTunes

Let's collaborate on building a tutorial on how to rip your Vinyls into iTunes.

  1. Software - you'll need some software to record the music from your old Vinyl Records
  2. Cable - You're also gonna need a cable between your old vinyl record player and your Mac.
  3. Vinyl Record player - If you want you can even get a Vinyl Record players with USB so it connects digitally with your Mac, or has a built in CD burner. Or you can connect your current vinyl record player to your Mac using a cable and software.


1) Software

Audacity software for recording vinyl and exporting in many choices of formats

VinylStudio 29.99$ in the Mac App Store

QuickTime player > File > New audio recording 

Garageband (iLife)

TuneUp is an all round tool that pimps your iTunes media with cover art and more. It will also help you retreive artist and track names automatically, so you won't have to type it all in by hand (!).


2) Cable

Apple Store has these Belkin RCA Stereo Cable (2 m/6.6 ft.) at 19.95$. They will connect into your Macs mini jack line in at one end and provide you with 2 RCA plugs at the other end for your stereo or vinyl record player directly. Be sure to check what kind of plugs your stereo is using, or your vinyl record player if you are connecting it directly to your Mac.


3) Vinyl Record player

Vinyl Record players with USB

LP 2 CD is another type of solution where the vinyl record player rips your LP directly onto a CD.



  • Brian 2124 days ago

    Just a thought: I remember when people would laugh at iTunes and say it would never 'rule'. So quickly the people who burned on conventional wisdom are forgotten.

  • Brian 2124 days ago

    Audacity looked very confusing to me. I'm searching for something easier to use. What do you think about Audacity?

  • Brian 2124 days ago

    I have to say I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find software out there that will this ...and as I'm writing this right now, I'm realising that QuickTime !!!!!!! will do this. Duh! (Brian bangs head into desk)

  • Brian 2123 days ago

    Google: Convert Vinyl Records to iTunes

    This wiki page is now nr. 5 !

  • Joseph Barney 2120 days ago

    I do believe that www.thinkgeek.com sells a USB vinyl player too. I don't know what happened to my vinyl collection. I'll have to search through the basement but I wouldn't mind recording some of it!

  • Brian 2120 days ago

    Joseph, please add this valuable piece of information to our Wiki page collaboration. Simply click 'Edit' to add and change information. The 'History' feature keeps track of each change.