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The AppleMASters

The AppleMASters

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AppleMASters [Apple Masters] was kind of the VIP area of the Apple community. The celebrities who just like the rest of us could not hold their tounge and just had to proclaim their love of all things Apple. This group is the who's who of Hollywood, the music business and more. In Apple's own words, AppleMasters were "an international group of educators, artists, designers, writers, producers, architects, inventors, scientists, business leaders, humanitarians, musicians, athletes and others who think different.

You can begin to see where the basic idea for the Think Different ad campaign came from. The members of the AppleMasters [Apple Masters] got free Apple stuff. The AppleMasters members included SinbadHerbie HancockJames WoodsGregory Hines, and Bryan Adams. Collaborate on our Wiki pages: AppleMasters or Apple Community Guide.

AppleMasters: Bryan Adams, Douglas Adams, Charly Alberti, Muhammad Ali, John A. Alonzo, Garth Ancier, Dana Atchley, Lauren Bacall, Michael Backes, John Perry Barlow, Richard Benson, John Benson, Peter Bergman, Howard L. Bingham, Chris Bonington, Russell Preston Brown, Amy Chow, Tom Clancy, John Cleese, Peter Cochrane, Jarvis Cocker, Michael Crichton, Paul Davis, Richard Dawkins, Andrew Denton, Richard Dreyfuss, Trevor Flett, Harrison Ford, Louis Fishauf, Peter Gabriel, Peter Garrett, Murray Gell-Mann, Terry Gilliam, Donald A. Glaser, Zaha M. Hadid, Herbie Hancock, Paul Hawken, Richard Henderson, Stephen Heppell, Louis Herman and Elele, Gregory Hines, David Hirschfelder, Damien Hirst, Takenobu Igarashi, Mae Jemison, Michael Kamen, Kathleen Kennedy, John Knoll, Karl Kruszelnicki, Donald Laub, Meave Leakey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amory and Hunder Lovins, Jim Ludtke, Harry Marks, David Mash, Sam Mendes, James Morrison, Sydney Pollack, Seymour Powell, Stephanie Powell, David Puttnam, Tom Robinson, Sinbad, James Steyer, Joyce Tenneson, Fiorella Terenzi, Jerry Uelsmann, Tracey Ullman, James Woods

Brief description: My God, it's full of stars !